Warm weather brings out the best in all of us. It’s an excuse to explore outside and enjoy nature, but our absolute favorite part of the summer sun is celebrating with friends. And what’s the best way to celebrate? Food and drinks, of course!

The sun slowly slips away as the warm day cools, and it’s time to start the evening with a gathering of great company. Lift open the windows to let a breeze float in while you begin to prepare your meal. Company slowly trickles in, drinks are poured, and memories are shared.

As you get lost in great conversation you suddenly realize it’s time for everyone to head back to their homes. The perfect end to the perfect day gets paired with the exciting knowledge that you have the whole summer season to keep it on repeat!

Whether this sounds like a memory or a dream, it’s clear that friends, family, and other people in general are the best part. Social lifestyles have phenomenal benefits, both for your health and your lifestyle. If you need any more convincing, we’ve listed a few of the benefits below!

1. You get social support for any and all of your problems

It doesn’t matter how big or small—when you’re with your friends, they’re there to listen. It helps immeasurably to be able to talk out issues, worries, and fears with people you trust. Every set of ears offers different opinions, as well as new points of view on topics.

Did you just break up with your significant other? Call over some friends to wine down with the sun.

Are you worried about a future promotion or feel your job is on the line? We believe some cold margaritas are in order—surely someone in your neighborhood will bring those fun little umbrellas!

When it boils down to it, a social lifestyle makes life easier because friends or family can listen to what you have to say and respond to it with feeling. If that can’t cure just about everything, we’re not sure what will!

2. You’re more motivated to keep your home clean

Think back to those long stretches of days when it’s just you and Netflix. It’s a little more acceptable to leave those dishes in the sink longer, right? Or maybe you don’t feel the need to refold the throw blanket on the sofa, or make sure the kitchen floor has its usual glossy shine.

Although relaxing for a few days is nothing to fret over, when you’re expecting guests you know it’s time to get your deep clean on.

Maintaining a social lifestyle by hosting parties or gatherings means you’ll feel inspired to keep things tidy and in their place. You always want your living space to look its best, especially when entertaining. For all those who need some motivation to get off the couch, hosting a dinner party is the best push. And cleaning house leaves you feeling better, too! It’s not just to impress the guests.

After-party clean-up can be just as fun when you enlist the help of your nicer friends. Add a speaker with your favorite cleaning music to finish the night off in squeaky clean style!

3. You’ll stay more active

Having fun parties and making new friends keeps you off the couch for more than just cleaning! Throughout an event you host, you’ll be whisked between rooms, people, dancing, and laughing. Who knew having fun would burn so many calories?

Another side benefit of being a social butterfly is the active lifestyle that comes with it even when you’re not entertaining. Not only will you benefit getting your FitBit steps in when guests come over, but you’ll be able to plan outings and trips with your growing social circle. Gym classes are a thousand times more enjoyable with a few friends by your side, too.

4. You’ll grow more and more adventurous

Completing the same mundane routine day in and out will never be in style, and trust us…we know style! Although a few days of relaxing is good for the soul, what is even better is the thrill of adventure. Living a more social lifestyle is the perfect catalyst for more “spur of the moment” parties and trips.

With more friends comes more opportunities to meet diverse people who love to travel and try new things, too. Maybe it’s those new kitchen recipes you’ve only dreamed of trying, or a complicated new drink your bartending neighbor whipped together for you.

No matter the scale, trying new things is always exciting. Even if they can be a little scary, when you’ve got friends to back you up you won’t fail!

5. You’ll discover the key to happiness

It’s a scientific fact: being around other people elevates your mood. The super-secret key to happiness isn’t all that “secret” at all—it’s just to be around people that care about you. Don’t worry if you’re not a fan of small talk, because it’s rare to find people who are. What actually makes most of us happiest is meaningful conversation. Inviting friends, old and new, over to enjoy your cooking or home is the perfect way to grow closer.

Socializing is an amazing stress reliever after a hard work week, too, or when things just haven’t been going your way. It’s amazing how others can help you see the silver linings in every gray cloud.

The building blocks of living your best and most social lifestyle begins in your home. If you’re not proud and confident of your space, you’re less likely to invite company over.

Start with the kitchen, the most important space- the heart of the home. When you create a kitchen space open to the outdoors, in particular, you’re creating the perfect entertaining area for versatility. Take that leap and build your dream outdoor kitchen. Kitchens that open up to the outdoors have become a “thing” for a reason—with that open flow of people and air, an unbeatable sense of community and openness is born.

And besides, you’ll never again feel trapped in the kitchen while the guests are outside.

Need some help? Capozzi has your back for the most on-trend styles and designs for indoor and outdoor kitchens! Just drop us a quick message or give us a call, and let us help you live your best and most social life!