From Bellinis to Gelato, Mouthwatering Recipes Perfect for Any Summer Day

Summer is the season of warm weather, relaxing days by the water, neighborhood gatherings, and of course fresh, seasonal food. Creating new dishes and experimenting with bold ingredients truly help to create everlasting memories with your family and friends.

Prep your kitchen, clear some counter space, and try your hand at a few of our favorite summer recipes. If you’re feeling bold, try to add your own fun twist on some of them!

Start with summer drinks

Nothing can top sipping away the summer heat. Our first favorite recipe combines sweet, bubbly, and a hint of refreshment. The perfect aperitivo, they are served best chilled or paired with a toast to a lovely evening. If you haven’t caught on, we’re talking about the delicious and light Bellini! Learn how to combine these fresh ingredients and whip up your own DIY Bellini bar. Situated perfectly on a kitchen island for easy access to your backyard soiree, you’re sure to be everyone’s favorite host or hostess.

Add your pre-dinner plate

Try this mid-summer backyard party antipasto that gives off a fun barbecue vibe. Picture your home full of neighbors and family grilling burgers and making memories that fill hearts as well as stomachs. Everyone will be pitching in to bring the dips and potato salads, so dare to be different by serving up this summertime pasta salad.

This pasta salad is like sunshine in a bowl. The ingredients are all fresh and bright, with a little added kick of something spicy. Our favorite twist on this dish incorporates a bold ingredient in a very creative way—definitely not to be missed out on!

And the main summer dinner course

Our favorite summer primo course features ripe and juicy cherry tomatoes paired with creamy ricotta cheese and tender zucchini. Summer is hot enough, so no need to turn on the oven with this crowd-pleasing no-bake summer lasagna dish. The simple lasagna noodles almost float on top of the light pairing of ricotta and sautéed vegetables. Healthy never tasted so good!

Your guests are filling up, but know that your secondo meal is not to be missed. One of our favorite seafood dishes is sure to please by combining shrimp, garlic, and good wine. Furthering our pattern of light but filling meals, this take on shrimp scampi can be whipped up in less than 30 minutes! That’s less time on your stove and more time to eat, or visit with guests over your DIY bellini bar.

But don’t forget the sweet

As the evening draws to a close, you and your guests are craving something sweet and cold. We believe a good dolce is in order. Get inspired by this traditional Italian dessert that is made famous by its simple yet intense flavor…transport your guests’ taste buds on a trip to summer Rome and serve up some refreshing gelato.

This basic vanilla recipe is one of our absolute favorites, it allows you to add your own ingredients or top with berries for a contrast in tart and sweet flavors. Let your creative side free. Trust us, you won’t want to share this treat, so make sure to make enough for everyone and then some!

Make this summer a social one. Celebrate your relationships by enjoying the space you call home. Have questions on how to make entertainment easier in your kitchen space? Leave them in the comments section below!