You’ve been living comfortably in your home for a few years, but just can’t shake that feeling that something needs to change. You need a space that will make you feel at peace in your home, make your parents proud, and impress your social circle—even make a few of them jealous. Take a moment to consider your most dynamic room: the kitchen.

Gone are the days in which kitchens were utilized strictly for cooking. There’s a world of opportunity and inspiration right at your fingertips for how much more this space can offer. If you’ve spring cleaned away some clutter and have extra time to spare, it’s time to reap the benefits of a summer celebration in a newly re-designed kitchen.

Ready to get inspired?

Today we’re sharing with you our top six reasons why you should consider a fresh kitchen remodel and design.

1. Remodel to satisfy your OCD tendencies

As the French say, “mise en place,” or “everything has a place.” Organization is one of the top priorities in a kitchen remodel. Nothing embodies conquering the adult world more than large, wide drawers, adjustable shelving, and divided storage. Life is much simpler when your kitchen boasts organized cabinets instead of Tupperware smashed into a side drawer.

Put on a touch of imagination and join us as we stroll through your new, celebratory kitchen-warming party. Everyone is in awe of your cleanly labeled pantry and smart use of wall displaying storage for pots and pans. Suddenly, you run out of limes for the margaritas. You’ll be able to find the cutting board and utensil rack with ease. You’ve saved the party—and we’ll take two lime wedges, no salt, please!

2. Remodel to boost your social life

You’ll need some friends to fill your summer gathering, and we can all agree that everyone loves a gorgeous kitchen remodel and design. Guests will always gravitate towards the kitchen. Crafting a perfect entertainment space is a must. Open floor plans feature space for guests to mix and mingle while allowing you to entertain while preparing hors d’oeuvres.

Design your kitchen with added windows for ample natural light. A gorgeous light-filled space will make guests feel like they’ve stepped into a Home & Gardens magazine. An island bar with raised countertops is the perfect gathering space for guests, appetizers, or even a pop-up wet bar. Install glass cabinets to display your dish sets like art talking pieces to rival any chic downtown gallery.

3. Remodel to become Instagram famous

Your newly remodeled kitchen must represent you: modern, timeless, and—of course—high-class. Paint over those fading yellow walls and opt for neutral colors to act as the canvas of your remodeled kitchen and as the future background of a lifetime of photos.

Neutral colors allow you to pick and choose dramatic accents as your mood sees fit. This is also the time to invest in high quality, sleek, flat-front cabinetry. Utilize companies like Capozzi to tap into sophisticated, on-trend style and creativity. Guests will be flocking to take pictures with your newly remodeled room and steal your kitchen remodel ideas. You just wait until you see your gorgeous space all over social media as a backdrop to the many smiling faces.

4. Remodel to live healthier

Your dream kitchen can improve your lifestyle as well as be stunning. A clean and modern design will inspire you to reschedule date night and have an evening in. Why travel when your home features a custom restaurant?

An inviting and clean kitchen is a catalyst for more home-cooked meals and quality family time. Teach yourself to be a gourmet chef! Thanks to appliances from companies such as Miele, Wolf, and Sub-Zero, today that’s easier than ever. French door refrigerators not only blend seamlessly into the space but provide ease of access. You can even install under-cabinet lighting or spot lighting to assist with prep work or to set the date-night mood.

Utilizing less porous quartz surfaces and backsplash tiling also creates an easy-to-clean space. Enjoy fresh design, delicious food, a saving grace for your date-night budget, and an overall sense of happiness from a job well done.

5. Remodel to compliment your busy lifestyle

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the home. Another top priority in kitchen remodels is functionality. Renovating your space to satisfy the trifecta of work, play, and cooking can be easily done with some professional assistance. People may say there’s no such thing as a perfect kitchen, but those are the people who choose not to renovate. Define and customize zones in your new space that can range from a cooking, cleaning, relaxing, or even a zone for work.

A large u-shaped center island with bar stools creates an eat-in and work area, while also allowing you to socialize with your guests, family, or children. While preparing more treats for your summer party, your guests can sit and charge their phone while dishing out details of their work drama. Installing tired carousels in cabinets not only maximizes your storage space but help those less vertically inclined family members easily access what they need.

When the party’s all over, you and your significant other can turn on your built-in speakers and continue to dance the night away while cleaning up.

6. Remodel to save the planet

Energy efficient and green kitchens help to take a load off of your carbon footprint as well as your wallet. Make sure your home’s energy system is up-to-date. It also helps to remember that more insulation in the walls is an unsung hero. Not only will adding insulation keep your kitchen a comfortable temperature at all times of the year, but it reduces noise pollution.

All windows and doors should be air-tight, reducing the energy your home takes to cool or heat the room. While checking out new appliances, make sure that they are all ENERGY-STAR rated. Fun fact: low-flow water faucets on sinks can help reduce water usage by over fifty percent! Do you really need to wash the dishes with a fire hydrant?

These are just a few kitchen remodel ideas to help spark your own unique creative process. Although the re-model task might seem daunting, the process is a breeze when you have the right company to help along the way. Capozzi Design Group is a team of master designers that will empower you to actually use your kitchen as that perfect space for cooking, entertaining, and living.

If you have any questions or want to get started, you can contact us by email, or give us a call at 440-247-9496.