Time to make a change?

Spaces are special places. They invoke feelings and memories, from exciting events or holidays, to having people over, to everyday activities. Just think, when you imagine your childhood home. Or perhaps when you first walked into a spectacular building- maybe a museum, an ancient building or a brand new hotel.  What did you feel? Why do you like some stores more than others? Spaces create experiences and memories.

When’s the last time you felt like your home was an “experience”

When your home was special, somewhere you couldn’t wait to get back to, because of all the possibilities:
  • Entertaining with friends and family in a space you are proud to show.
  • Cooking spectacular meals which are full of nutrients, allowing you to have the best of days.
  • Making memories which last a lifetime, every single day.
  • Taking care of yourself and loved ones.
  • Your home should be designed around what’s truly important-fun, food, family, and life. Maybe your home already is this special place, but could you make it better?

Could you change your home to change your life?

At Capozzi Design Group

We know the importance of a home, so much so that we’ve designed everything around the home and living better.  We do this by very specific principles which we follow to make sure your house truly is a home.
These principles include:
-A commitment to quality, courtesy, and customer satisfaction 
-Designs made specifically for you and your loved ones
-The highest level of return on 
investment, including a return on quality of life
-The perfect price for you and your budget
-Highest quality in house installation team, equipped with the best tools 
We apply these to every project, guaranteeing the beautiful kitchen, bathroom, living room, master bedroom, or wine room; you’ve been searching for.


  • Traditional
  • Contemporary
  • Transitional
  • Mid-century
  • Modern


  • We are creating spaces that are more innovative than any other in NE Ohio. We do what others can’t due to our level of expertise and we are specialists
  • Creating functional spaces that are much more comfortable to live in
  • Making life easier and more enjoyable
  • Designing spaces that function well and are beautiful to look at and utilize innovation
  • Offer the highest level of return on investment, including a return on quality of life
  • You will get the best possible design
  • You will be educated on the options
  • You are going to determine what the best value is for your needs and where you are in your life
  • Ergonomically correct spaces
  • Part of a buying group
  • Strategic partnerships with vendors meeting green standards
    • Advanced design
    • Innovative design
    • Functional design
    • Tastefully Designed
    • Curated spaces
    • For someone who loves to cook;
    • Return on life- someone that loves to cook, when RA designs a kitchen, it’s with ergonomics, functionality, and ultimate efficiency in the way we design

More benefits of working with Capozzi

  • A management team
  • Licensed
  • Bonded
  • Insured for $1,000,000
  • A showroom
  • Kitchen and Bathroom specialists
  • 2 year Capozzi Warranty
  • Coordination
  • Communication
  • A schedule – High quality workmanship

More importantly, we are here to help

We are there for you from start to finish and want a relationship after the project is over. We want to be the people that you come to for advice on how to clean your countertop, what to do if water is coming up from you floor, or just to say hello. We take pleasure in what we do and that comes from helping people like you achieve their dreams. More importantly, we’ve been doing this for generations, just ask the countless happy people we’ve served.